My superpower

After working out my superpower was, I started to use it. I started to work in a different way. I started to use my superpower in all my tasks. I started to use my superpower in all my discussions with me team. I started to allow my superpower to be seen.

What was my superpower? It was creative thinking.

It was the thing that I was always good at. The thing that I always did like an instinct. The way that I approached every piece of work. The way that I tackled every problem. 

My superpower was me. I was my superpower. We were one.

Once I started to allow it out I started to feel more me.

I started to add value to what the team did.

I started to understand my purpose.

And my team started to seek my creative input into their work. 

The culture that made me hide my superpower was starting to change. 

My team was continuing to come together. We were continuing to morph into a great team. My team members were being a better them. I was being a better me.


After a few months of me letting my superpower out, I actually got to test whether my instinct was right. 

My thirst for using the superpower cards that Keith demonstrated at the 99u conference was finally met. The superpower cards were turned into a new product by the brilliant and amazingly talented people at SYPartners through their Teamworks brand

Teamworks moved from being an inspirational blog into a team development tool based around 9 key habits of a successful team. And it was available for a free 2 week trial. 

So that was it – I signed my team up.

After doing the team diagnosis exercise [more about that in a letter post] I was able to choose which habit the team should focus on first. Simple – Strengths.

And a key part of the Strengths habit is the superpowers tool. 

So I did it.

And here is the response…

Yes – I knew it. 

This was my superpower and I was going to protect it with everything I had.

This was my purpose.

This helped me be a better me.

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