Starting to become a team

During my last post – The 3 Habits of Great Teams – I wrote about how and when I realised that the members of my team were not seeing themselves as part of a team. 

When I realised that they felt that their individual tasks didn’t impact on each other and form part of a bigger picture. 

When I realised that we were just a bunch of individuals colocated in what the organisation called ‘a team’.

So I set about changing that.

At that time whilst searching for ideas I same across another blog by the brilliant SYPartners. A blog designed to help people create great teams. A blog that matched my ambitions. A blog that gave me ideas. 

That blog was Teamworks.

One of the first posts I saw when visiting the blog was one of their ‘Teamworks tips’ –

Looking for a good Monday ritual?

As a team, answer these three questions:
1) What did we accomplish last week?
2) What do we need to accomplish this week?

3) Is there anything standing in our way?


It seemed like a great way of getting the team to, firstly, share what they were working on with each other, and then, to be a way for them to see the connections between their work. 

So that’s what we did.

We started to meet on Monday mornings for 15-30 minutes and we all took turns to share:

  1. Did we achieve what we said we would last week? [in a positive way]
  2. What are we working working in this week and when are we aiming to finish it?
  3. What barriers could stop us achieving these and how do we over come them?

We started to write them down in an A3 sheet – like below – and pin them to the wall so that we could all see the actions.

And a funny thing happened. 

After the uncomfortable first couple of meetings where people didn’t feel that confident in sharing, they started to become more open, more communicative, and also more engaged. People started to make connections between their work. They started to help support each other. I was seeing seedlings of a shared purpose and shared priorities.

I was starting to see us becoming a team.

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