Leadership as it should be

Being a leader is a huge responsibility – not only do you need to look after yourself, but you are also responsible for taking care of those in your charge. Being able to use that responsibility, and privilege, can be tiring and draining. But it can also immensely rewarding. And this example from Starbucks proves…

Quick Test: Leader vs. Manager, Which Are You?

A day in November 2001 will always be part of my memory. I was sat in the induction session of my first ever job as a PA and Administrator for a small team. During the mid-morning break I was chatting to one of the other attendees and was asked a question – “what do I want to…

Great Teams quote, Keith Yamashita

Great teams do not come about by chance. Great teams – when they are at their best – start first with the foundation of each person on the team understanding their superpower
– Keith Yamashita


Originally posted on Burning Leaf Creatives:
Taking our own advice, setting out our own MOONSHOT Over the past few weeks we’ve been working with our founder on a number of free leadership development tools (through our See Them Rise project). These tools are designed to create a workplace that is better for team members, better…

TEAMGAUGE, check the pulse of your team’s engagement level

Proud to announce that TEAMGAUGE, my new short team survey is ready to download. It is designed to quickly capture the thoughts of members of your team about their role in the team. It will give you an insight in their engagement levels, their levels of motivation and their level of clarity about their role….

Reverse Mentoring

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Reverse Mentoring Traditional mentoring involves someone with greater experience developing a less experienced person, with its origins often cited as being in ancient Greece from where the term is derived. During the pre-industrial age, when craft work was the norm, mentors would typically be master craftsmen that would support…

The palace water

The palace water – taken by Michael Watts at Bromley Palace Park, Bromley